The Mulloy Brothers


A proud product of Mulranny the ‘Mulloy Brothers’ ballad group have been entertaining the pubs and clubs of Mayo, Ireland and abroad since 1964. The groups first ever public performance was in Tiernaur hall in 1964 when they played for a Christmas Play interval as very young teenagers. At the time music in bars was not the common occurrence we have become so accustomed to today, so when the Mulloy boys were asked to play in Corrigan’s bar (now Campbells) in 1964 it became a novelty to the local people who flocked there regularly to hear live amplified music.

Going from strength to strength throughout the 1960’s and developing a sound of their own (sporting the hair-cuts of the Beatles), the band embarked on their first tour of the UK in 1969 playing to packed Irish clubs up and down the country. These tours became an annual event and grew in strength to strength year to year. Building on their confidence on stage the Mulloy’s entered the studio in 1975 ¬†to record the single ‘I’m a Rover’, a track that would be a regular on RTE 1 radio that year.

A follow-up EP titled ‘Jennifer Gentle’ was recorded which featured a young Mary Black on backing vocals, with the tracks again finding plenty of air-play time. Their first Album titled the ‘Coastline of Mayo’ was recorded in 1979 and was followed up by a city-wide American tour. Several tours to the states would follow, but it would not be until 2009 that the Mulloy’s would return to the studio to record their last album titled ‘As requested’ featuring the songs most requested down through the years.

Support tours with the Dubliners during the 1970’s and 80’s were described by one commentator as “the attack of the Porter Sharks” as the Mulloys played to increasing audiences around Ireland.

There have been sad times however, in 2007 Michael the whistle player died of a long illness, and again in tragic circumstances Martin the banjo player passed away in 2010.

However, forever the entertainers, Tom and Pat continue to perform joined by grandson Cian, Tom and Rory McGinty and other friends, and can be seen regularly gigging, whether in Mulranny, London or Lanzarote. You’d just never know!

The band play in McLoughlins ¬†Mulranny (formerly Daly’s) every Monday night from May to September!

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